Everyone has something of the 3D about them but not everyone becomes a 3D person.

We’re not talking here about 3D as in side to side top to bottom and front to back, or 3D movies needing special glasses to watch.

No, we’re talking about the three dimensions of the person. Body, mind, and soul, or spirit.

1D. For some people their lives are dictated by their bodies. Either by aiming for physical perfection - honing and toning, investing all their efforts into building the best body they can, or at the opposite end of the scale by feeding their bodily desires, often to excess, - food, alcohol and drugs, lust and greed. This person operates in the first dimension.

2D. For others it’s not those outermost bodily desires that run their lives, but their intellect, their mind. What they do is governed by how they think. They plan and they scheme, they work everything out. They train their mind, they organise their life - a plan for everything and everything going to plan. And they manage their body, and their bodily desires, according to their life plan.  2D people.

3D. And then there are those people who operate at the deepest level, the level of the soul or spirit. The ones who are sometimes accused of letting their heart rule their head, as if letting the soul take charge of the mind and body was somehow wrong. These people don’t go to excess with their bodily desires. They don’t need to work everything out. They respond emotionally to what is going on around them. They laugh, they love, they hurt and sometimes they rage. And their emotions aren’t buried or suppressed, they show through, because it is their soul, their spirit, that runs their life. The don’t measure life by their wealth, success, pleasures or possessions, but are rather, to misquote Hildegard of Bingen “a feather on the breath of Life”*

The thing is, which of these makes us tick? Which of these runs our life?

It is at the level of soul, or spirit, that God meets us and touches us, because God is spirit, and it is our spirit, our third dimension,  that lives on that spiritual world which Christians call heaven. Which is why St Paul wrote to Timothy, one of his young disciples : “Physical exercise has some value, but spiritual exercise is valuable in every way, because it promises life both for the present and for the future.” (1 Tim 4 v8 Good News Translation)

More later!

(* Mother Hildegard of Bingen described herself as “a feather on the breath of God”)