the quiet place



The back wall of Blackshawhead Chapel is our “Peace Wall”.

Here we have posted prayers for peace

from all of the world’s major religions.

Our starting point comes from Gandhi :

"Like the bee gathering honey

from the different flowers,

the wise person accepts

the essence of the different scriptures

and sees only the good in all religions."

Opposite we post one of these prayers,

and this will change from time to time.


•Peace is not a thing to possess,
but a way of possessing;

•Peace is not a gift to give,
but a way of giving;

•Peace is not a topic to teach,
but a way of teaching;

•Peace is not a theory to learn,
but a way of learning;

•Peace is not an opinion to hold,
but a way of holding;

•Peace is not a resolution of strife,
but a way of striving;

•Peace is not a creed to preach,
but a way of preaching;

•Peace is not a god to serve,
but a way of serving;

•Peace is not a question to ask,
but a way of seeking;

•Peace is not a journey's end,
but a way of journeying.